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R.M. Williams History

In its nine decades of existence, R.M.Williams has become one of the best-known - and best-loved - footwear brands in the world. Originally built for the men and women of the rugged, unforgiving Australian outback, our iconic one-piece-leather boots have gone on to grace the feet of millions of people, including some of the most famous on the planet.

Boot Care

You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their boots. Some of our customers bought their first pair of RM’s over half a century ago and still wear them till this day. In fact, some would argue, as did RM himself, that the worst their boots looked, was the day they bought them. With every wear, your pair is branded with personality. Even the smallest scuff has a story worth telling.

We pride ourselves on world class customer care.

I bought these just after the store on W. 4th Avenue opened (late 1990s?), and they have now been re-soled, with new elastic this past year. These boots are superb. They look good and feel good. Well worth it!

- Eric, Verified Buyer of R.M. Williams

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