All of the boots carried by Australian Boot Company require a little bit of care and maintenance to keep them performing for years and years.

Two of our favourite products for Leather Blundstone boots are R.M. Williams Saddle and Leather Dressing and Otter Wax Leather Salve or Leather Oil. A light application of this with your fingers or a lint free cloth will significantly add to the weatherproof ability and longevity of your boots.

Blundstone makes a Waxy & Oily Conditioner, that is great for a quick and easy clean up. It’s a pre-saturated sponge that will spruce up your boots in seconds. Great to keep in your bag or by the back door for giving your boots a quick once over.

Protect your investment and help your boots age beautifully with Blundstone Renovating Cream. Nourishes and conditions leather for longer boot life.

Specially formulated for all Blundstone leathers. 

  • Black for Black leathers.
  • Brown for Stout Brown leathers.
  • Cherry for Shiraz and Redwood.
  • Rustic for Rustic Black and Rustic Brown.

Boots made with distressed leather (aka Crazy Horse or Rustic Brown leather) have a rugged distressed finish, with a brushed nap.  To clean your distressed boots, use a brush to remove dirt and dust. To treat this leather, you may use R.M. Williams Saddle and Leather Dressing. Please note that this will darken the leather significantly and smooth out the nap.

Blundstone Winter series are made from a Waterproof leather. It is treated at the factory to be 100% waterproof. To maintain the waterproofness, clean regularly and treat with Blundstone Waterproof spray or OTTER WAX Boot Wax.

The yearling leather used in R.M. Williams boots is chrome tanned to achieve a highly polished appearance and to resist water penetration. To maintain this appearance, use R.M.Williams Saddle and Leather Dressing every 4-6 weeks and use R.M. Williams boot polish to cover any deep scuffs. We recommend you wear your boots in dry conditions on the first few occasions. Fine leather boots can require a full day to dry out from perspiration.

You will find here a carefully curated selection of products to make life with your favourite Australian Boots even better. We even have a Canadian made boot jack to make getting your Australian Work Boots off less work.

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