It all started with a trip to Australia in the early 1990's. '"What is this footwear everyone is wearing?" we wondered. Then we learned that Aussies wear their boots proudly, from cradle to grave. When we bought ourselves a few pairs and put them through their paces, we knew why - nothing we had ever worn felt so downright, well, right.


The gang



Australian Boot Company, is where Blundstone and R.M. Williams started in Canada. We are about stocking the best selection of Blundstone boots outside of Australia, and the best selection of R.M. Williams boots and Glerups footwear in Canada.

You will find the best Blundstone and R.M. Williams boot fitters in Canada. Our goal is the perfect fit for every foot. The right fit becomes even more important with footwear you will be wearing well into the future.

It’s our priority to provide the best Blundstone and R.M. Williams customer care, with free boot shines and leather conditioning for all Blundstone and R.M. Williams boots–no matter where you may have purchased yours.

Come and visit one of our Retail Locations, we will pay for your parking and buy you a coffee while you shop, browse or if we make you wait. Just ask!

We strive to provide the ultimate footwear shopping, browsing, buying and servicing experience.

Friendly, knowledgeable, fully stocked. That's us!

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Best Blundstone Selection in Canada