Blundstone 1383 The Women's Series Brogue in Brodo

1383 Blundstone
Women's Series Brogue in Brodo

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Blundstone 1431 The Leather Lined in Burgundy Rub

1431 Blundstone
Leather Lined in Burgundy Rub

Regular price$229.95 $199.95

Blundstone 1442 The Women's Series in Tartan

1442 Blundstone
Women's Series in Tartan

Regular price$249.95 $189.95



Blundstone-loving women told us they would love a higher Blundstone boot with more design flourishes—and the Women’s Series was born. This is legendary Blundstone comfort, made for a woman. Even more support in the ankle, crafted in a broad colour palette of supple Blundstone leather, with decorative brouging and colourful elastics for a bit of fun on the side. But this is a not a fashion “whim.” This is real-world reality. The Women’s Series is fully equipped for the harsh realities of city and country life. Leather uppers are “welded” seamlessly into the soles without stitches to break or leak water or dirt. The soles last and last. The Women’s Series became classics the minute they hit the street and, like true classics, they never go out of style. This is your all-day, go-to boot for seasons to come. The Women’s Series is available in a range of leathers and styles as creative as the women who wear them.

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