The Original Blundstone boot is where it all started. This boot is simplicity itself. Shaped like the human foot, the Original will gradually take the shape of your foot for absolute personal comfort. There are no laces to tie, break or trip over. The oiled leather upper is sealed—seamlessly—into the sole with no stitches to break or stitch holes to leak. While not invincible, no leather is, Blundstone leather can withstand years of wear with minimal care. The ocassional touch up with Blundstone boot polish will keep your boots looking like new and will over time help the leather to develop a fine, aged patina. The soles provide excellent stability, and excellent grip across a range of terrain types. The original is stable walking platform on virtually any surface, providing balance and ankle support that sneakers can not. The Original Blundstone boot is an all-season, all-world, total- comfort solution that belongs in every shoe closet. Unisex sizing.

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