If you like the feel of real leather, the Blundstone Leather Lined series provides a lot to like. Super-soft leather inside gently abides every contour of your foot, eventually conforming to its shape. Oiled Blundstone kip leather outside keeps feet dry and provides a protective barrier between feet and the world beyond. The leather is bonded seamlessly into the sole without the need of stitiching, a common source of leaks and wet feet thus eliminated. Under foot, the sole grips even slick surfaces such as moving van ramps and winter sidewalks. Even with all of this, the Leather Lined series comprises our lightest boots and that translates into almost effortless all-day walking and standing. We started with a couple of variations, but the number has grown into a whole family of Leather Lined styles of different leathers, elastics and colours, including our Winter Leather Lined made just for Canada—warm and 100% waterproof, even the elastics! Unisex sizing.

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