Blundstone Work Boots

Blundstone CSA Approved Work Boots are a unique connection to Canada. Australian safety footwear regulations are less stringent than Canadian rules. So when a Canadian safety boot manufacturer called it a day, we stepped in, bought their equipment, and put it to good use making the most comfortable work boots in Canada.
CSA Greenpatch is every inch a work boot, but miles more comfortable than the heavy clunkers that dominate the market. People tell us that these are the lightest work boots they have ever worn. “All-day comfort” isn’t just a slogan, it’s an entire business plan. It starts the second you pull them on—no laces to tie, untie, trip on, or replace. And it doesn’t end till you kick them off at the end of the day. A boot without laces keeps the mud, snow or debris that boots accumulate off the floors of your truck, car, office or client’s home. Blundstone CSA Greenpatch is a total footwear solution that comfortably accommodates your custom orthotics and winter footbeds. From the Back Forty to the front office, when the job calls for safety and comfort, CSA Greenpatch works overtime. Unisex sizing.

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