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The Original

The look and feel of total comfort that has stood the test of time and keeps coming back for more. The Original feels right from the first step, and even accommodates most custom orthotics for a fit that is truly personal. Choose your colour and leather finish and get back to where Blundstone pull-on comfort all started. The Original, since 1870.

The Chisel Toe

Blundstone cuts the Chisel Toe style just so, for a clean, trim look that fits a narrow to medium foot width. Chisel Toe is available in a good variety of styles and leathers from slick to casual. A few pilots we know choose the Chisel Toe in classic black for a thoroughly professional look on the job and rustic brown for off-duty days and getting down to earth. But hey, fly it your way. 

The Chunk

This is the most cushioned Blundstone boot ever. The thicker sole absorbs more of the pounding so your feet and joints don’t have to. If you spend long periods of time walking on - or just standing on - concrete and other no-give surfaces, the Chunk sole is the boot made for you. The kick-toe helps the Chunk avoid life’s little scrapes and big ones too. Pull on a pair of Blundstone Chunk soles for all-day, all-season, all-surface comfort.

The CSA Greenpatch

On the job, Greenpatch delivers maximum comfort for minimum wage. Pull-on, kick-off ease. Weatherproof leather. Oil, shock and slip resistant soles. And full CSA-approved safety features from heel to toe. But the most important feature is the one we left off, namely the laces. This is pull-on, kick-off ease so you won’t be tracking mud and muck into your vehicle, office or home - or your clients’ homes! And of course if your work involves welding or chemical splatters or any chores where a foot could become trapped, the Greenpatch slips right off in less time than it takes to read this. This is a work boot so comfortable and easy-going you’ll want to wear it even when you’re not at work. How many work boots can say that?

The Winter

Into every life a little snow must fall. Or a lot. Be ready with Winter, the waterproof Blundstone boot with a real fleece insole and ThinsulateTM lining. Winter bridges that messy little period from November to April with comfort and ease. Just wipe salt stains off and your Winters will look as good as new for winters to come. And your feet will stay toasty and warm. Get Winter and let it snow, let it sleet, let it slush!