585 Blundstone Leather Lined Rustic Brown


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Blundstone boots are sized in Australian/UK Sizes - this is stamped on the bottom of the boot.

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There's never been a better time to hit 'refresh' on your boot collection. The new Blundstone leather lined boot in Rustic Brown features the same comfort and long wear Blundstone is famous for. Legendary comfort all day on any surface. Weatherproof leather upper fused seamlessly into gripping soles.

Blundstone 585 Rustic Brown brings total Blundstone comfort home to Canada. Rustic yet refined, leather lined, feather light and crafted to last. 

PLEASE NOTE: This boot features a pre-distressed leather that can vary in appearance. No two pairs are alike, so the boot you order may be lighter or darker than those pictured here.

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