Little feet seem made for Blundstone Blunnies. To begin with, little feet are cute and so are Blunnies! Little feet come in all kinds of little sizes and so do Blunnies! Little feet grow, and while Blunnies don’t grow, they do come with extra footbeds that can be removed to add months of effortless extra wear. And while little hands are busy doing all kinds of big things, one of those big things won’t be messing with laces. Laces break, freeze, and provide trip hazards aplenty. Something a kid could use less of, not more of. Another nice no-lace advantage for the home team: playground dirt stays outside where it belongs. Unlike Velcro, which seems to attract pet hair and peanut butter until the point of failure, Blunnies easy tabs will pull a kid through almost anything. Here lies the road to footwear independence! Parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers rejoice!

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