Wool in the Spring! It's a great idea. Seriously.

Posted by Nick Brindisi on

Is that Sidney Crosby wearing Icebreaker? Nope, although this Icebreaker model does show a striking resemblance to Canada's hockey darling, it's not him. But hey, I bet Sidney would love Icebreaker Pure Merino Clothing. The lighter merino garments are not only great for winter layering on and off the hockey rink, they are amazing in summer. Merino wool wicks moisture away from your body and the texture of the merino is breathtakingly soft. Contrary to popular belief, wool in the summer can be an excellent idea!

We have some wonderful new Icebreaker additions this Spring including some great printed Ts for men. Above you can see Sidney the Icebreaker model wearing a Men's 150 Tech T Lite Crosscut with a delightful circular print on the side.

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