When Did Retail Become a Tipping Industry?

Posted by corey on

Lately over here at the Vancouver store we've had some more than generous Blundstone customers! Yesterday during an afternoon rush, a gentleman insisted on tipping our sales staff $20 for her assistance, attention and hard work amongst the madness. She kindly declined his offer as she claimed "I love this job and it's my reward that you are just happy with your boots and your experience in our shop!" (not only that but she is Australian...and as the rest of the world knows Aussies don't tip...so she really had not idea what he was offering her...lol)

And just today with another sales staff, a very loyal and happy customer was so pleased with the service he left the store and soon returned with a beautiful bottle of raspberry sparkling wine for her to enjoy. Unlike the day before, this Canadian gal graciously accepted and will be popping the bottle to share with her equally as gracious Aussie co-worker.

But really though when did retail become a tipping industry? Perhaps we're really onto something here??!!

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