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The Loss of an ABC Legend

Posted by corey on

On March 31st, exiting through the doors outfitted in his R.M.Williams and Icebreaker, Heavy-D walked away for the last time with a single tear running gracefully down his cheek.

On September 21, 1999 Australian Boot Company in Vancouver was blessed with the first day of work from ol' Heavy-D and nearly 10 years later he finished a shift for the very last time.

I'd like to take this blog to share some thoughts, stories, memories and the like about our co-worker and friend Heavy:

1. He absolutely loves to repeat himself so if you see him on the street don't forget to ask him "what is the difference between the Original 500 and the Comfort 550?" or he also likes to discuss the many differences between R.M.Williams and Blundstones.

2. I will miss witnessing the pure rage that travels from his face through his arm and to his fist when he punches with all his might the 4 box-deep-stack of Blundstone CSA's.

3. Heavy is also an expert researcher. He LOVES and is very knowledgeable about Mexican and Cuban vacations, mountain bikes, computer parts from 2004, World of Warcraft 2006, Vancouver real estate, Toronto real estate, mens designer peacoats, and high end digital cameras. Feel free to contact him with regards to any of these products or perhaps sell him on and idea of yours and he will research it for you!

4. Ugg Ascots- size 15- enough said........

5. For the rookies, Heavy was often very welcoming by incorporating his very own version of hazing. You would have the choice of facing him in a tonfa fight, competing against him for pull ups on the rafters, or proving yourself with the Australian Boot Company "Test of True Strength."

6. During his last weeks here Heavy-D became a fan of Australian Mountain Bread- introduced by our in-house aussi. If you visit our location you may still see drool stains on the barber chair in the back.

Heavy-D's sense of humour and his amazing work ethic will truly be missed around here. If you see him on the street don't be afraid to stop and say hello.....and if you do please remind him of his gifts for lovely B, his moldy tupperware, and dirty gym bags still sitting at the store.

Best to you and your adventures Heavy-D!

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