Thanks for such an amazing pair of boots.

Posted by Nick Brindisi on

"Just thought I'd take a minute to tell you about my intrepid pair of Blundstone 500's. I bought them two years ago on the recommendation of some friends of mine and have barely worn anything else since.

In the summers I work as a wrangler for a YMCA horseback riding program and for the remainder of the year I teach. I love the fact that I can wear my boots to the barn one day and to school the next! I have taken them on overnight horsepacking trips, worn them to weddings, tromped through muck and manure for two full seasons, and trekked across Europe. I wore nothing but my Blundstones on this trip even when we hiked to the top of the first and second highest peaks in Spain carrying everything we'd brought for two months!!!

These boots have surpassed all of my expectations, as the most comfortable, versatile, easy to wear, and rugged footwear I have ever owned. I look forward to my next pair, assuming that my first will ever wear out! Thanks for such an amazing pair of boots."

—Ben, Calgary, Alberta


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