Plastic Bag Surcharge in Toronto.

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As you many know, every retailer in Toronto as of June 1st is required to charge $0.05 for every plastic bag. Even before this ban, our customers and staff have been very conscious of the choice to take a bag. Many of our customers bring re-usable bags, or simply carry their box of Blundstone boots out of the store. I like to think our customers are always ahead of the curve! We've been asking ourselves what to do with the income from this new city bylaw. We wanted to support a local, environmental initiative. So after a bit of kicking ideas around we decide to support the Community Bicycle Network (CBN). Located on the very same block as our Australian Boot Company store on Queen Street West, we figure you can't get more local than that!

CBN is a non-profit organization that promotes community cycling initiatives within the City of Toronto. They refurbish donated bicycles, rent trailers and bikes at accessible rates, and offer space to practice and learn bike mechanics and cycling skills.

As we're entering the heat of the summer, and with it the smog days, consider taking you Blundstones and your bike to work. We're pleased to be supporting Community Bicycle Network! - Andria

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