Neko-Case - worn out jeans and Blundstone boots

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eye weekly April 16, 2009
Eye of the storm
With her fiery voice and smouldering looks, Neko Case has long been the sweetheart of the indie-rock rodeo; now, with her new disc, Middle Cyclone, she has the Top 5 album to make her an overground success.
The first time I interviewed Neko Case, back in January of 2001, the scene was very much what I expected from a Neko Case interview: we sat in the front lounge of the Cameron House, enjoying a steady stream of bourbon shots delivered by servers with whom Case was on a first-name basis.

Interviewing her eight years later, not much has changed about Case: her long red hair is as formidable as ever, and — in her loose-fitting sweater, worn-out jeans and Blundstone boots — she still looks like she’s dressing for a lazy Sunday at the cottage...more

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