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Few products can claim a place in your heart –– let alone your wardrobe –– from cradle to grave. Blundstone boots are one of them. The love affair starts young. Long before little hands can wrestle laces into a bow, lace-less Blundstone boots and their handy pull tabs are already offering kids a wee taste of footwear independence –– while Mom and Dad get freedom from knots and broken laces.

As little feet grow, removable Blundstone footbeds allow for months of extra wear and added good value. Blunnies still kicking? They make perfect little hand-me-downs. Bigger kids like the pull-on, kick-off, go-anywhere, wear-with-anything ease. Leaving the gunk from the outside world at the door is a slam dunk.

In the dating years, say, from your teens to your eighties, nothing looks better with jeans or shorts or a breezy summer dress. Unisex Blundstone boots make legs look sexy. All along life’s path, owning a pair of Blundstone boots –– and a spare pair –– just makes sense. Sneakers get soaked, and ordinary leather shoes and boots are lunch for road salt. But Blundstone treads grip the ground, oiled leather keeps weather out, and both sole and leather are moulded seamlessly together –– nary a stitch –– so dirt and grit can’t get in. The patented soles cushion each step by 33% for countless tons less pounding on you. Life’s perfect travel companions. Boots off at the airport? No problem! No laces!

Since 1870, the family-owned company has proudly maintained the quality, integrity and authenticity of their products through the generations. Try one pair and Blundstone boots will be with you, too, every step of the way.

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