Jon's Great Icebreaker Sock Experiment.

Posted by Nick Brindisi on

Feb 14, 2010
"I guess there are parts of the body that simply smell better than feet. In their defense, it must be tough to be enclosed in shoes and socks all day without proper ventilation, especially during these winter months. I wonder if hands, with a similar quarter million perspiration glands, would have the same stigma for odour if they were left to their own sweaty devices? Who knows. I do know that for as long as I've been wearing socks, I've been wearing the cheap ones. I had no issue with buying an inexpensive pack of tubes, causing no hard feelings when they died a premature death.

Three days ago I picked up a pair of Ultralite Merino wool socks by Icebreaker. They were put on my feet about halfway through the day, so I figured that I would wear them for a second day as they still had that new sock smell. I was amazed that by the end of the second day, they didn't have even a slightly offensive aroma. After sharing this excitement with my co-workers, I was informed that socks made from Merino wool can often be worn for a few more days than conventional socks and won't turn noses.
This being is the fourth day of continuous wear, I'm curious to see how many more I can get away with..."

Feb 15, 2010

"Busted. Maybe it was all the stress and excitement of writing the last sock blog, but I wasn't fooling anyone by day five. You know when you don't want something to be true, so you fish for opinions in hopes of being told otherwise? That was me in the kitchen on that monumental morning. I was advised that continuing the experiment would probably not be in the best interest of anyone. I mean, I could have rejected the advise and toughed it out for three weeks, but I think the object of the whole experience was to be unnoticed by the nostrils of the unaware--like the James Bond of dirty laundry. In the end, getting five days on active feet is nothing to turn your nose up to. I know if I'm ever stuck without luggage or get kicked out the apartment for a few days, socks will be one less thing to worry about."

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