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April 2018

Communications + Marketing Manager
Tin Shack Ltd.
Collingwood, Ontario

Our business:
Tin Shack is a highly successful and profitable Canadian wholesale footwear marketing and distribution company located in the beautiful lakeside community of Collingwood, Ontario. The business achieves sustained high growth through powerful “word of foot” marketing for our exceptional brands and their stories.

Our brands:
Ten Points

The challenge:
The company is looking for a Communications & Marketing Manager to help us protect the business,
sustain existing growth, and continue to build on solid brand foundations. This will be accomplished within a supportive framework that embraces independent thinking, self-motivation and results-driven management.

The role:
This is a senior role with three key responsibilities:
1. Protect the brands, and continue to build on the business successes through clear brand strategies that support the brand positions and unique selling propositions.
2. Manage the retail and wholesale marketing channels, ensuring the systems and processes for
new products and marketing activities align and allow for smooth internal operations, and
3. Ensure the business is future-proofing its position in the market through insightful and thoughtful on-brand strategy and communications.

This includes, but is not limited to:
* Creating retail and email marketing plans for each brand, including a marketing calendar, marketing budgets, and covering national, regional and market-specific advertising, POS, promotions and co-op marketing.
* Working with the Digital Marketing Director/Digital Marketing Team to ensure that the on-brand communications and marketing strategies are implemented on the individual brand websites as well as on social media platforms—and that the digital and retail plans work together to support the business objectives.
* Managing marketing budgets and sales reporting.
* Coordinating with internal and external partners to ensure the brands are well represented.
* Building and managing relationships with sales reps and accounts to collaboratively identify, coordinate and realize integrated content and marketing opportunities.
* Monitoring and reporting to management on competitor activity.
* Staying abreast of relevant marketing and social media news, updates, tools, platforms, and best practices.
* Assisting the President with branding, marketing or marketing communications as required.
Success in this role will be measured in increased sales, and execution of on-brand communications
that create real connections with partners and customers.

Your qualifications:
* 5 years marketing experience.
* French and English fluency is a very strong asset.
* Excellent computer and time-management skills.
* Brand/product management knowledge and experience, preferably in the footwear/apparel industry.
* 3 years digital marketing & social media experience.
* Collaborative team skills within a fast-paced work environment.
* Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
* Creative and strategic thinker.
* Detail oriented, results focused.

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