icebreaker socks: stupidly amazing.

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That's a direct quote from one of our long time Blundstone customers. He came in a few weeks ago to replace his worn blundstones, and we started chatting about socks. As an Icebreaker sock addict myself,** I might have appeared a bit evangelical about the Icebreaker Merino Wool Socks, but he liked what I had to say, and took a pair home with him. He came back today and picked up four more pairs, because he was amazed. 'Stupidly amazed' he said. I agreed knowingly. "Welcome to the club".

*For those of you who think a sock is just a sock, I dare you to try a pair of icebreaker merino socks. When it is laundry day and I'm digging through my drawer searching for socks, I bypass my cotton socks, my socks that slip down over the course of the day and bunch up under my heel, my expensive synthetic blend socks, my socks that make my feet sweat, my old wool work socks, and the ones printed with cats that my nephew gave me for Christmas. In fact, if I can't find a clean pair of Icebreaker socks, I have been known to pull a pair out of the laundry bin.

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