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At Australian Boot Company, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We believe a relaxed, comfortable shopping environment with knowledgeable staff who wear, use and abuse the product is the key to providing the service our customer needs. We just hired a bunch of new staff for fall, and in chatting with one of them, he said that what he liked about working at Australian Boot Company, was that it wasn't a 'sales' job. It was just spending the day chatting with people who love the boots as much as he did. We regularly joke that on a busy saturday at the store, the only reason we have staff working is to fetch people sizes - the customers sell the boots to each other!

As I mentioned earlier, we are all about customer service, and in this era of Web 2.0, good and bad customer experiences are blogged, facebooked and twittered about. I'm happy to report that the number of good and great customer experiences far outnumber the bad. Check out this recent blog by one of our customers.

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