Easter Blunnie Blundstone Boot Cake

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We hope everyone had a great Easter this year. If you did not get a chance to hop down to our Toronto stores for a bite of the Chocolate Blundstone Easter Blunnie cake here are some low-calorie snaps from our stores on Yonge Street and Queen Street West.

A shout out to all our hard working Australian Boot team who worked over the holiday weekend to bring Blundstones and Cake to the people.

A chocolate cake made in the shape of a Blundstone Boot with a bite out of the toe.

A Big Blundstone Boot thanks to Leonard Cake Company for baking us the best Blundstone boot cakes ever. Looks like the toe was the first to go. We might have to try hard chocolate steel caps next year for extra protection.

Here are some more photos from our Easter Weekend. Thanks, to everyone who hopped in and we know your Blundstone Boots will last longer than the cake.

Chocolate Easter Blundstone Cake in our Australian Boot Company in Toronto Store window.

Two real Blundstone Boots beside a chocolate cake shaped like a Blundstone Boot

Which pair would you wear and which one would you like to eat?

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