Do Your Boots Need Some Lovin'? You Could Win!

Posted by Nick Brindisi on

R.M.Williams Saddle Dressing is a leather conditioner that works wonders on R.M.Williams and Blundstones alike (and on any other leather product for that matter, be it a couch or a handbag). It keeps leather moisturized, which also helps keep up water repellency and makes any pair of leather boots look gooood. Some people think that polish is good enough to care for a leather boot, but that's not necessarily true. Think of saddle dressing as a moisturizer and a polish as a make-up. It's more important to keep the leather in good condition by keeping it moist, but you can always use polish if you get a nick or scuff in a boot and you need to replace some colour.

For the month of March we are having a contest! When you purchase saddle dressing you can enter to win an R.M.Williams belt with a logo buckle. And if you win, you will have one more fabulous leather product that will shine and beam after a little drink of saddle dressing.

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