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and now, some words from our fans...

Posted by corey on

Have you ever been at home, sitting in front of your computer browsing you tube vids, and it occured to you to google your own name? Well we google 'australian boot company' all the time to see what pops up. This time, we found we had some fans out there! Check out this snazzy reveiw from Dardana at

"I happen to be a fan of the old tyme adage of doing one thing, and doing it extremely well. I really enjoy the notion of a store that is small and extremely specialized; for instance, only selling boots that come from Australia. I dare you to get more specific than that.

In one trip there, I discovered the difference between "Emus" and "Uggs" ("uhh, they're different brands?" my shopping buddy answered patronizingly) and that Blundstones only come in fun colours for kids. However, the persuasive salesman *did* tell me they were the second last pink pair in Canada, almost persuading me to buy them, two sizes too small! Now those are some mad selling skills (or I'm just dumb...or probably exaggerating).

Most importantly, the staff really does know their stuff, a point proven by the fact that they can distinguish between Australian and American sizes, and actually think to ask this when assisting you. This in turn prevents mix-ups experienced by certain people I may or may not know *ahem* who should have known (and definitely do now) that Australian boots should be purchased at the store that knows them best! Geez."

Thanks for this awesome testimonial Dardana! And just so you know - we're getting some very cool red leather blundstones in for Fall!

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