A Heartwarming Tale of Customer Service

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Here is a lovely note that we received from a Queen Street customer--thanks for the kind words!

I'd like to let the manager of your store know that I am completely impressed  with regards to the help I received from Kaleigh last Sunday. I walked in looking to see if you had boot polish to restore the colour in my red boots, and, though Kaleigh was helping a customer who seemed very interested in buying a pair of boots, she offered to treat my boots to show that no coloured polish is required.  This she did, but more than that, she took the time to take a photo of a flaw in the boot that I hadn't even noticed yet in order to send it off for judgement.  A couple of days later, Kaleigh left a message on my cell that the flaw had been judged to have been in the manufacturing, and I could come back to the store anytime for a replacement pair of boots.

wow. good story.

I've told it to a number of people - some of whom have been on the verge of buying Blundstones but were worried about the expense...Kaleigh could have just nodded sadly at my dry, scuffy boots and sent me on my way.  I am most grateful she did not.

She has restored my faith in the idea that a company can care both about quality of product and customer care. I pledge to be a better Blundstone owner - and will advertise your particular store to all who will listen.

Thanks again, Kaleigh!!!



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