A happy convert.

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I wanted to tell you that my partner bought her first pair of Blundstones from you this year. On the day we went to your store, we had been to several stores looking for her beloved Keens. She had a pair that was years old and they were totally worn out to the point  of water now coming up through the sole.

 After trying on 5 or 6 pairs of shoes in 5 or 6 different stores, she tried a pair of Blundstones and walked for a bit, looked at me with surprise on her face and said, "these are really comfortable.".  She was sold, but she knew that we were blocks from your store. Off we headed to you for her to try on a variety of Blundstones and she found the perfect pair. The fact that the coffee shop next door served both beer and coffee made us like your store even more.

It has been weeks now since she got her Blundstones and the boot jack to take them off. She keeps telling me that these are the best boots  EVER!!!!

 Thank you for helping her try on 5 or 6 pairs of boots, and for your patience with her difficulty with one of the clerks accent, (my partner is french and has a hard time with accents) and for finding the perfect pair of boots for her. We will be back again and again.

You guys are FANTASTIC!!!


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